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At Masonry Guys Boston, we’ve been installing retaining walls Boston area homeowners have depended on for over 23 years. From building a beautiful new patio to adding a sense of privacy to your backyard, our retaining walls are the perfect solution. Our retaining walls are made from natural stone, so they will last you for years and keep their good looks. We also offer a variety of colours so you can choose anything from classic grey to brown to match your home’s exterior. We will work with you to design the perfect wall for your space and help you pick out the stone that will match your existing landscape best. Once your wall is up, we can even add lighting fixtures or plantings—whatever it takes to make your backyard feel like an extension of your home!

If you’re interested in adding a retaining wall Boston area residents turn to time and time again, call us today or visit our website! You can find out more about our services or fill out the form on this page if you’d like us to get in touch with you.

Retaining walls benefits

Retaining walls may just be the affordable way to take your home from good to great. A retaining wall is a wall that holds back earth, keeping it from falling onto the lawns and gardens around your home. If you think about it, some of Boston’s most charming neighbourhoods are only so because of their landscaping, which would not look as good without retaining walls in place. In addition to their visual appeal, a retaining wall can also help protect your property by preventing erosion and adding structural support to your house.

A strong, well built retaining wall can last for decades and have the added benefit of increasing your home’s value (a little known fact: one of the biggest costs involved with a home addition is moving the dirt). Masonry Guys Boston was started by three Boston guys who make it their business to know all there is to know about masonry—from building stone walls and fireplaces to brickwork and mortar repair, they’ve seen it all. Our team is here to help you create the perfect wall for your home. To keep costs down, we’ll schedule appointments based on your (and their) availability—no more waiting around for weeks with no word about when work will begin!

Why Choose us for Retaining walls?

If you’re looking for retaining walls in Boston, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in masonry and retaining wall construction, so we can help you with this project. You should know that we are different from other contractors because we really make an effort to build a personal relationship with every client. It’s one thing to make sure that the job is done correctly—it’s another to make sure you feel like your interests are a priority. Internet research will show you how many companies out there offer retaining wall services, but choosing the one who will be most helpful for you is more difficult. The best way to find the perfect company for your needs is by getting estimates from several of them and comparing them side-by-side. What makes us unique from other companies? Here are a few ways that we stand out:
  1. We have over 23 years of experience working on projects like yours.
  2.  We have flexible hours, so we can work around your schedule.
  3.  We provide free quotes for all of our work.
  4.  Our prices are competitive when compared to other companies in the area.

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