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If you need chimney repairs Boston MA, call the Masonry Guys Boston. We are a full service chimney repair contractor in Boston MA. For over 23 years we have specialized in providing professional chimney services to homeowners and businesses. Whether your chimney is just dirty or damaged, we can provide you with the help needed to get your fireplace and chimney working properly again.

The, owner of The Masonry Guys Boston states that: “We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and our customers repeatedly rate us as one of the best when it comes to customer satisfaction. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust”.

Chimney installation

Chimney installation can be a complex operation. Chimneys are tall and narrow, and they often contain combustible materials. They are also out of sight, so their condition may not be as apparent as it is in other areas of your property. Inspecting chimneys is therefore a critical step for keeping your home safe. If you want chimneys that work well and look appealing, you need to hire an experienced masonry company.

Masonry Guys Boston is an expert at masonry services. We’ve been around for 23 years, and our goal is always to create beautiful results while making it easy for our customers. We’re licensed, insured and have the right equipment for any job. We will give you a free estimate on the cost of chimney repair or installation, so call us today!

Chimney replacement

Masonry Guys Boston is a chimney repair and replacement service provider in Boston. Chimney replacement is not an easy task, and it takes a great amount of time and effort to complete the process. It requires a lot of tools and equipment that are used to complete the job such as saws, hammers, chisels, wedges, drill machines and more. One must have complete knowledge of different steps involved in the process if one wants to avoid any kind of accident. Masonry Guys are well-trained experts provide services for all kinds of problems related to chimneys. We not only replace old chimneys but also ensure that new one do not have any defect for the next coming years. Our highly qualified team makes sure that the problem is resolved with complete professionalism.

Why Choose us for Chimney Build & Repairs?

At Masonry Guys Boston, we take great pride in the quality of our work. We’ve been in business for 23 years, and over that time we’ve honed our craft to a science. We’re not satisfied until each project is completed to the absolute best of our abilities, which is why you’ll find us providing just as much attention to detail on chimney build and repair projects as we do with our brick and stone projects.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a masonry contractor is experience. Masonry Guys Boston has been around long enough to know what works and what doesn’t, and we’ve got an impressive resume to show for it: we’ve worked on numerous chimneys both here in Boston, Massachusetts and across the United States. We’ve been featured in Masons Contractor magazine, and we’ve even helped build some of Boston’s oldest houses. Are you really going to trust your chimney build or repair project to someone that hasn’t been able to make their mark in over a decade?

We also have an excellent reputation in the industry—we hold 10-year membership with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) with an A+ rating, and have established ourselves as one of the leading chimney companies here in Boston and surrounding areas.

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